Login to CVS LEARNet

Login to CVS LEARNet

Those who are CVS colleagues could get the services in CVS LEARNet or CVS Health Learning Management System. CVS colleagues would be able to level up their skills and knowledge with the help of the learning and training tools in this system. HR related details such as benefits, salary and discounts could be accessed here also. Colleagues would be able to find their dream job in the CVS LEARNet as list of jobs are also featured.

About CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy was created in 1963 with its headquarters stationed in Rhode Island, USA. The pharmacy is top among the many pharmacies in the country. CVS doesn’t only manage pharmacies but also beauty departments, photo laboratories and general merchandise stores. Its products and services are available not only in the US but also in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland and Brazil.

Process in Signing into a CVS LEARNet Account

1. Click on the link 1 and you’ll be led to the CVS LEARNet Official page.2. On the blank field, enter your Login User ID. If you’re a worker, you could use the 7-digit employee ID but you will use the Network Windows ID if you’re in the retail corporate field.3. Keep in mind that the password field is case-sensitive, so make sure you go into the combination properly. The default password for very first time users is the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.4. Click Login.

Retrieving and Resetting CVS LEARNet Account Password

Clicking on the Self-Serve Password Reset which is below the section for ‘Password’ is the first thing you’ll do. Just click ‘Continue’ and wait. Simply click the Change Password just in case you want a new password. In the section provided, you need to enter your User Login ID and Self Service/LDAP Password. Input your old password and new password on the right fields, then click on Enter. You could reset your learnet cvs password by clicking Reset Forgot Password. Simply enter your User Login ID after that. Correct answers to the security questions should be provided. After entering your new password, simply re-enter it on the corresponding section for verification. The new password could take effects after you go to the second step and then click the boxes. To access your account, just click Submit and OK.


Reference Links for CVS LEARNet

The link for CVS LEARNet Official Webpage is https://cvslearnet.cvs.com/ while the LEARNet Password Self-Service FAQS Webpage is http://mylife/Department/Information%20Systems/iss/Documents/IAM%20Do.