CVS Values in Action

The Reason Why CVS Caremark have the CVS Values in Action Recognition program?

CVS Caremark is designed to reinvent the pharmacy to make it more effective in improving the health of each and every people. This strategy is made to uphold the importance of health.

We initiated a program known as Values in Action to keep our colleagues here at CVS Caremark stay motivated and productive throughout their work. Appreciation for even a single achievement is significant if a company wants to keep their personnel motivated and passionate. A small complement can right away help a co-worker make his day better. Values in Action is created to make it happen.


Where to Go to Access CVS Values in Action on the net

You can access from your office, home, or on the go via your mobile phone or desktop units. In the office, you could use the myLife, myHR and RADAR (for CVX/pharmacy stores) lines.


Signing In to CVS Values in Action Program

You have to be logged in first before you could start accessing the great features. However, some programs can be accessed by logging in through company network. The Single sign-on or SSO is needed to access these special features. See if you are signed into the company network, so you could effectively enter the system utilizing Single sign-on method.

Follow the processes to enter your account for the CVS in Action program:
Visit the home page of your program.
Provide your login credentials.
Before signing in, click on the ‘remember user name’ box if you want to sign in right away next time.


Reference Link to Acces CVS Values in Action